Design Philosophy

Our passion is the production of loudspeaker systems that excel in their performance, build quality, reliability and longevity

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail and thought that goes into each and every one of our products.

As a modern thinking company we dedicate a large percentage of our resources to the future and R&D. Our investment into machinery, tooling and technology ensures that we remain a market leader whilst keeping a keen eye on environmental issues. Unlike many of our competitors who merely assemble components bought in from outside vendors we control our own manufacturing enabling us to ensure quality, environmentally friendly products, offering uncompromised performance and value for money. In many cases we are the vendor that supplies those competitors!

We constantly surprise our customers that we are able to service our older products that other manufacturers would have by now condemned to the scrap heap. We are regularly praised for the trouble free service that our users have enjoyed over the years. Over ninety percent of our products and components are made in an OHM factory over two continents, mainly for the local markets, thus reducing the need for transportation. This enables us to technically achieve our aims within the parameters of our own design goals, not somebody else’s.