Dual 8” 8 Ohms wide dispersion speakers

BRW-28 is a compact full range passive two way loudspeaker which is designed to be used for variety of applications including infill or delay line or for example with the BRS-18 Subs as a high quality mobile system. The perfectly tuned crossover eliminates the need for external EQ creating the ideal plug and play system. The speaker comes standard in black or white and upon request is available in various colours. This small loudspeaker is compatible with various BRS subwoofers making it easy to adjust the total system performance for all situations. With three mounting points and using the dedicated Ohm mounting hardware the BRW-28 is versatile to be easily used anywhere. 


Key Features:

  • Extended true full range performance
  • Shared voicing with the BRW-26 allows mix and match system design
  • Designed for install and mobile use


BRW-28 uses two custom designed 8″ drivers with 2.5 inch voice coils. To achieve 160 x 40 degree high frequency dispersion a 1″ compression driver, with a 44 mm voice coil, mounted on a difraction horn is used. The internal phase aligned crossover network incorporates an impedance correction circuit which stabalises the crossover functions to minimise distortion. Carefully engineered crossover point along with custom designed low frequency drivers and diffraction horn gives a true and constant wide dispersion coverage even at the upper operating range, eliminating lobing which is common in this type of design. BRW-28 has two mounting points for installation brackets and cradle as well as omni point for tilt and turn, pole or truss mounting. The rear mounted backplate houses the crossover for easy access and servicing.