Dual 8” + 4”, medium throw, full range line array cabinet

Cora is a lightweight, medium throw, full range line array cabinet. Designed for small to medium size venues, they are easy to rig using Ohm’s Cora flying array frame. The same hardware can be used for both ground-stacking on TRS-118/218 or flown.

With a dispersion of 100° x 12°, up to 100° x 90° in array depending on curving and an SPL of 143 dB (peak), or in a concert array of 8 boxes SPL of 158 dB (peak), this compact cabinet delivers all this performance despite only weighing 21.7 kg each. Frequency response is an impressive 75 Hz to 21 kHz. Dual Speakon connectors are mounted onto a tough, cast aluminium connection plate which makes daisy-chaining easy.

Product Features:

  • Advanced active dispersion gives 100° x 12° coverage
  • Easy ground-stacking of up to 6 cabinets per frame
  • Unique port design gives excellent dynamics without side-lobing
2 x 8” Full Range, Phase plug controlled coupling waveguide with ported rear cabinet
2 x 8 Ohm, Minimum 7 ohms @ 321Hz LF / 7.5 ohms @ 600Hz HF
Power Handling (AES)
500 W LF / 160 W HF (continuous)
Max. Power Handling (AES)
1000 W LF /320 W HF (prog)
2000 W LF / 640 W HF (peak 10 ms)
Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m
102 dB LF / 115 dB HF
Max. SPL
129 dB cont. 135 dB peak LF
137 dB cont. 143 dB peak HF
Frequency Response (±3dB)
82 Hz - 20 kHz
Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)
75 Hz - 21 kHz
100° x 12° per cabinet, up to 100° x 90° in array depending on curving
Recommended Amplification
2 x 2000 W @ 4Ohm for 3 cabinets in parallel
System Controller
Ohm DSP Solutions
Speaker Cables
Min - 4 x 2.5 mm2
Preferred - 4 x 4 mm2
2 x 8” OHM Driver on phaseplug coupler
2 x 4” planar wave drive
Passive - 1.15 kHz with dispersion control phase response
Active - * LPF - / HPF - 60 Hz Full range / 100Hz MH
* All presets from the OHM library.
2 x 4 pole Speakon Connectors
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
250 x 576 x 300
Weight (kg)
Shipping Weight (kg)
23 (1 cabinet per carton)
Available in white or RAL colours on request)
2 x Flying Hardware sides for hanging or ground stacking
Fitted as Standard
Cora Flying Hardware
Cora Flying Array Frame Cora Ground stack Frame
Additional Descriptive Data
Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black polyurea paint finish with Ohm logo.
Recommended filter settings are available on the website