Long throw horn loaded 3 way high power cabinet

HD-MH is Ohm’s biggest top cabinet, designed to all kind of large scale applications from large indoor use to stadiums. Sound quality is extraordinary and the horn-loading design creates a sound which will reach the furthest corner of the desired area. Although there is a dedicated HD-BB subwoofer with the same cabinet size to use with HD-MH it can be very well paired also with the TRS-218 and Infra subs. This master of all trades handles music from rock to classic and from dance music to heavy metal with very physical sound yet smooth and crystal clear feel. 

Key Features:

  • Horn Loaded mid-high cabinet
  • Two custom Ohm 10″ low-mid units
  • Physical yet smooth and clear sound


HD-MH has two Ohm 10 inch mid-high drivers combined with the 2” coaxial high frequency unit in a 18 mm birch plywood cabinet. This fully horn-loaded cabinet has 20 x 40 degree dispersion from 500Hz upwards. HD system can be scaled up from one cabinet per side to flying a three x three system when the dispersion is 120 degree wide and 60 degree high. HD-MH is a 3-way cabinet with two 8-pole Speakons at the back panel. Low, Mid and High are all 16 ohms impedance allowing up to 4 boxes to daisy chain. Aluminium heat sinks at the back panel help to remove the extra heat from the drivers during the long term use.